At DCS Durable Concrete Solutions we pride ourselves on providing the most durable and beautiful flooring solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic uses. Whether it's the most demanding heavy duty super flat industrial floor or the simplest patios and pathways, we carry out our work with passion and commitment to quality.

Our company started activities in 2001 in the area of specialized floors for the food industry.

Soon after, we expanded into the application of epoxy and other resin floors for all types of industries and uses.

We have enriched our range of flooring options to include a series of concrete floors. We build the most demanding super flat Armor Fiber floors for specialized warehousing systems (VNA etc.), durable floors for distribution centers, multistory parking for shopping malls etc. Other products added to our range are: Votsalaki, self-leveling screeds, polyurea application, waterproofing and thermal insulation solutions along with other specialized coating applications.

Today we consult, design, and build the most durable floors as well as simple and aesthetically pleasing floors for commercial and domestic uses.